Not Feeling Myself

I just took a look back at my last several posts and it made me feel a little regretful. I only ventured out to take a few photos over the past few months. Late Fall to early Spring is my favorite time of year to take pictures due to the bare trees. Bud jokes the bare trees speak to the desolation in my soul. We did have a brutal winter here in Ohio, as I am sure the rest of the country did, but I should have made more of an effort. When I did go on a picture-taking outing, I felt out of practice and frustrated.

I have not kept up on my running routine over those last few months, either. I have always had a love/hate relationship with running; I know lots of runners do. I love how I am doing something good for myself and the sense of accomplishment I feel. I hate how it is so difficult for me to motivate myself to get my ass off the couch most of the time. How can I ever hope to meet my goal of running in a full marathon or Ragnar relay if I can barely get out the door to run three miles?

There was a big transition in another part of my life that has caused some sleepless nights, much stress and major soul-searching. I have noticed changes in myself that I do not like and I am not quite sure where to go from here yet. I am hoping I will come through this with a clear conscience and no regrets.

Gotta keep smiling…and battling those inner demons.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

The things I treasure most in my life are my family and friends. As I get older, I realize spending time with my husband, parents and my few close friends is the most important thing to me; no one knows what the next day will bring.
As I was looking through my photos, I noticed there are not as many pictures of friends and family as I thought. I need to change this. Hope you enjoy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Cool! This challenge is for me; layering my photos is what I really love to do. Here are three of my most recent layering projects, and a couple of “normal” pictures with layers. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

It’s getting to be my favorite time of year for taking photos.  So, no more excuses for me not getting out and snapping pictures (or slacking on weekly photo challenges). Hope you enjoy.

Downtown Dayton Adventure

One late evening a few weeks ago, Bud and I met my friend, Jim, in Dayton after work. Jim had informed me of an upcoming photography contest in Dayton and, on this particular evening, most of the businesses/office buildings would be leaving their lights on for night-time skyline photo opportunities.
For those of you who are not from Ohio, most of the bad things you hear on the news happens in Dayton. Whether the media means to do it or not, Dayton is portrayed as a scary, dangerous and intimidating place.
I never go to Dayton for anything; we might to the suburbs for something once in a while, but never anything downtown. Driving in big cities makes me nervous, all the one-way streets and huge buildings so close. Thankfully, Jim said we could park in front of his house, which was right off the highway and before all the road construction started (which is a never-ending process in this state). Jim was finishing up with supper at a local restaurant and would meet up with us later.
The levee was just a half block from his house; it was dusk, and Bud and I were standing on top of the levee while I snapped some photos. I could see RiverScape Metro Park from there and that some entertainment was going on. We did not feel comfortable walking around downtown by ourselves, so we were just going to walk as far as the levee would take us.  Just then, Jim spotted us from the road on his way home from supper. He took us on a wonderful tour of the Metro Park and a bit of downtown.
By the time we walked to RiverScape it was dark, but Jim was completely at ease, which made me (and I guess Bud too?) feel at ease as well. There was a Salsa band playing under the permanent tent at RiverScape; people were listening and dancing. Jim was pointing out photo ops for me and explaining the history of buildings. There were these cool reflecting pools at the Park and the Wright Flyer III Monument. I took several pictures of the skyline over the river with the lights reflecting on the water (I am entering one of them in the contest).
From there we walked into downtown and looked at the buildings. The old Biltmore Hotel appeared interesting from the outside; Jim told us it is now an apartment building for senior citizens. We passed the Schuster Performing Arts Center (the other photo I am entering in the contest) and it started to sprinkle a little, but we pressed on. There was this one building I was really drawn to that had these blueish accent lights on the outside. Jim explained this building was part of the RTA bus line headquarters and has a few names (current and historical). From what I have researched online, it is part of Wright Stop Plaza.
After Jim and I took a few shots of the Wright Stop Plaza Tower (as Bud looked on and carried my camera accessories, he is such a wonderful husband) it started to sprinkle again, so we decided to head back. It was about 10:30 pm by the time we got back to Jim’s house.
It was not scary at all, not that I am ready to take on a downtown Dayton adventure by myself.  But I would like to plan another get together with Jim some time, and maybe we can walk a little further into town; I think I would dig the Oregon Arts District.
I hope you all enjoy the photos from my Dayton adventure. I wish some of them had turned out better, but I am pretty happy with a few of them. I am not expecting big things in the contest either; I just would like the experience. Wish me luck, though!

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

I took a walk around my town square today to get some shots for this challenge. There are some really interesting things downtown, and I am glad I took the time to notice some of them today.  I need to do it more often. Hope you like the photos!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

I decided to look through some photos I had taken a few months ago for this one. These pictures foreshadow the direction my photography/art would begin to turn. While walking in the woods one day, I decided to see what would happen when I used a longer shutter speed and moved the camera. I love haunting look of some of these and have used a couple of them in the layering photos on my Portfolio page. Hope you like them.