Autumn Walk in the Woods

It was a beautiful fall day today and I was itching to get outside. I know I should have gone for a run instead of taking photos (sometimes I wish I could run with my camera). I grabbed my MP3 player, headphones, camera bag and headed out the door.
I went to my favorite Nature Center to go for a walk and snap some photos. When I got there, there was a sign at the entrance stating the grounds would be closed at 3:00 today so they could prepare for a family friendly haunted woods. I arrived at 2:00, which left me with only an hour to wander. I usually get pretty sucked in when I am taking pictures in the woods, so I decided to leave the headphones in my car.
Listening to the wind blow and the creaking of the branches was so peaceful. Watching as the leaves floated down from the trees like big brown and yellow snowflakes was captivating. I could have stayed out there all day.
I didn’t make the 3:00 deadline, but it was okay. Other people were also leaving as I was finishing up. Next time, I’ll stay out longer. When there is no haunted woods deadline.
Here are some of my favorite shots. Hope you enjoy!


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