Not Feeling Myself

I just took a look back at my last several posts and it made me feel a little regretful. I only ventured out to take a few photos over the past few months. Late Fall to early Spring is my favorite time of year to take pictures due to the bare trees. Bud jokes the bare trees speak to the desolation in my soul. We did have a brutal winter here in Ohio, as I am sure the rest of the country did, but I should have made more of an effort. When I did go on a picture-taking outing, I felt out of practice and frustrated.

I have not kept up on my running routine over those last few months, either. I have always had a love/hate relationship with running; I know lots of runners do. I love how I am doing something good for myself and the sense of accomplishment I feel. I hate how it is so difficult for me to motivate myself to get my ass off the couch most of the time. How can I ever hope to meet my goal of running in a full marathon or Ragnar relay if I can barely get out the door to run three miles?

There was a big transition in another part of my life that has caused some sleepless nights, much stress and major soul-searching. I have noticed changes in myself that I do not like and I am not quite sure where to go from here yet. I am hoping I will come through this with a clear conscience and no regrets.

Gotta keep smiling…and battling those inner demons.


5 thoughts on “Not Feeling Myself

  1. Hi, I know this post is a bit old, but wanted to see how you’re doing. I’ve been away for quite awhile, myself. Hope you’re feeling better about things and life is looking up for you!

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