Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (2)

Took some more photos the other evening and thought these were pretty cool. Hope you all like them!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour (2)

  1. Don’t I like them!

    That photo of the white bridge going so far into the sunset is the stuff dreams are made of. As you review these photos, what thoughts come to the mind?


  2. thank you, shakti. i really appreciate the compliment!
    that is kind of a tough question. the best answer i can give you is i like the colors and light in them. i think it looks “cool.” i don’t have a long, interesting, sentimental story about these pictures, about how they stir up a long lost emotion in my soul. i just think they look pretty neat, and i hope others think that too. but if not, that’s okay. glad you liked them. 🙂
    what i really enjoy photographing are trees in the winter and then layering different photos together (see my portfolio).
    wow, that was kind of long! what thoughts come to your mind when you look at them, by the way?

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