Park Art and Resuming a Routine

Last Sunday was the Art In The Park event I had preparing for over the last few weeks. All last week I was pretty much freaking out, because I was afraid I would not have everything ready in time. It was a week full of work, picking up prints, eating, picking up items from/returning items to various stores, worrying if my framed photos would be ready, eating, staying up late and lots more stress related eating. After I matted my 8 x 10 prints and slid them into clear bags for safe handling, I got so excited; they actually looked like something one might find at an art festival. My framed photos were ready in plenty of time, and they also looked great!
On the morning of the Art In The Park event, rain and possible storms were a threat. I (along with a few other vendors) took an opportunity to set up shop inside the local Mayflower Arts Center; though we did not get as much foot traffic as the other vendors who chose to still set up outside on the square, there were people who came in to browse. They asked questions, gave me compliments and took my card; I even sold one of my prints! As I was packing up at the end of the day, the owner of the Arts Center offered to let me and two of the other artists leave a few of our items there to display and possibly sell. How awesome is that?!
I had loads of support through the entire process, without which I would have probably gone a little nutty. My digital photography teacher, James, gave me great advice and really helped me with printing (check out his site consumptive). Lisa, the owner of the Mayflower, also gave me so much guidance and helped me overcome my first art event jitters. After I finally told my mom, she came to my rescue by letting me use her Jeep and helping load it up the day before. Ang could not come out to visit, but was thinking of me and cheered me on the whole time. I also received encouragement from my friend Christy, who sat with me for a few hours, and my friends/coworkers Jim and Carol came to back me as well. Bud was a ton of help, as always; he was my go-for, booth companion, comedian and advocate, despite not feeling well all day. I am such a lucky girl to have a wonderful support system in my life.
I am so happy I attended this event and would like to do more in the future.

Since I was crazy with getting ready for Art In The Park last week, I did not run. At all. I decided I needed to get back into a running routine since I have a half marathon looming in about two months. I ran a quick three miles around the neighborhood late in the evening on Tuesday. It did not go too badly, considering I had not run in about two weeks; I have had to come back from a much longer running hiatus in the past.
On Wednesday, the weather was a little cooler and less humid; it would have been a really great evening for a run if I would not have wanted to eat pizza for supper. So I compromised and jumped rope for the time it took the pizza to bake. I bought this jump rope over a year ago and used it once for less than five minutes. I imagined myself jumping like that girl in the razor commercial, with the music and everything (except my rope does not magically turn into water when it smacks into my legs). I had to take several rest breaks and decided that, for now, running is easier than jumping rope. I am also sore on the soles of my feet, which I did not know was possible.
This makes me realize I am not getting any younger and I need to keep running and jumping. And picture-taking.


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