Bud’s Just Trying to Help Me Out

This morning, as I was poking around on my blog’s dashboard, I mentioned to Bud that when I do not post something in a while I get a lot of spam in my spam box. He told me I should post more often, which I always intend on doing. We talked about what I could write about: my upcoming Art in the Park adventure (which I mentioned briefly in my last post), the 5k I will be running with Ang and her husband on Saturday or how I have not told my mom about the Art in the Park event yet. This is because she will want to sell quilts and want me to sell quilts, do more quilting and quilt, quilt quilt!! I am unfortunately burnt out on quilting, and not telling her about this event makes me feel like a bad daughter. When I told Bud this, he said, “Well, that’s why you should write about it because people can relate; deep down, everybody is a bad daughter.”
“Even you,” I asked.
“Yep, even me,” he replied, “And you can tell everybody I said that in your post.”
As I laughed at him he said, “See, it made you laugh so it’s a good idea. I’m just trying to help you out!”
When he left for work and we hugged and kissed goodbye, he said, “I’ll expect to see that post.”

Here you go, Bud. I love you and thanks for helping me out.


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