Photos at the Park

Yesterday, Ang and I went to a local state park to snap some photos and do a little hiking; the weather was perfect! Early into our adventure, we discovered there was also a trail race being held at the park. As runners passed, we greeted them and wished them well. I could not imagine running on such rocky, stumpy, uneven ground. And they had to dodge all the regular park-goers! At one point, one of the runners was taking a walk break and I asked what race was being held. He said it was a 50k, which I later found out is 32 miles. To use one of Ang’s words, these people are beasts! Great job, runners!
Ang and I captured some really nice pictures. The most exciting (frightening) part of our day was when she was getting a close-up of some weird moss on a log; I was being the look out for oncoming hikers and runners. I happened to glance at this tree that had fallen/been cut and was at eye level and noticed a nasty looking spider on it. I flipped out. I attempted to calmly tell Ang the situation, and that we were both safe from being eaten at our current distance. She inspected the behemoth and we decided we needed to photograph it. We both found it difficult to look at the spider, even through our view finders. I also had trouble editing the picture in Photoshop. I hope I never see a spider like that again.
Hope you enjoy the photos, and beware monster spiders while hiking in the woods!


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