No Sympathy For Horrible People

Today was an interesting day at work. Not so much for me as it was for my coworker. Someone we work with has a history of being not very nice and belittling others (I’m assuming) to make her feel better about herself. Other times, she will be very nice and funny; you can never be sure who you will get when she walks in the door.
She has great skill in twisting a person’s words to make them look like they are in the wrong. I have heard her deny she said something, even if there were several witnesses to her statement. She is also becoming increasingly paranoid about people wanting to take her job or get rid of her.
Today, she really pushed my coworker over the edge by accusing her of making her look bad in front of one of the therapists. They got into an argument, and she insisted my coworker move out of the office they share and into mine by Monday. All of her items were packed and in my/our office within a few hours.
There was also talk about possibly wanting to move the computer work station that my coworker and I use out of her office and into another office down the hall. I know she would love to see us inconvenienced in our daily work tasks.
I was telling another coworker what all went down, and how she had acted today; she said she felt sorry for her and it must be sad to live like that. I must say I cannot agree with her. I think if you repeatedly treat people like shit, then you will eventually get what you deserve. I do not feel sorry for a horrible person who gets off on humiliating her employees in front of others. Maybe this makes me a horrible person too.
I am, of course talking about my boss. I probably should not post something like this, but I had to vent.
On the upside, my coworker is happy and relieved to be out of that office and in with me now. She will not have to be unloaded on everyday.


6 thoughts on “No Sympathy For Horrible People

  1. I know how you feel. I watched as my coworkers and myself were treated like crap, not told everything just so we would look stupid and told we were worthless on a daily basis. I don’t understand how people can act this way. I do see how people can feel sorry for the mean people. I sometimes feel sorry for them too. I think something really awful must have happened to them to make them act this way. I did recently have those about some people who continually treat their family members like crap. I feel that you don’t have to be nice to them just because they are family. I don’t care if you are my family or not. If you treat me like crap all the time I am going to stay away from you, not share details of my life with or consider you my family anymore. Again maybe this makes me a terrible person, but if people can’t treat others with respect I just can’t stand that! Here’s hoping you and your coworker have a great work environment in your shared office. I know the support of a good coworker can really get you through. I don’t know what I would have done without my friend and previous co-worker at my last job. Hang in there lady, sometimes its hard to see but they are good people out there still.

    • well, i guess some people have really bad things happen to them and they are able to move past it and can be a decent person. the cycle doesn’t have to continue, you know?

  2. I remember fleeing to your office to do paperwork – in another life -so I understand your co-worker’s desire to share space with you rather with The Boss or whatever that person calls itself. You are not a bad person…you always had the ability to tell me to shut up so you can get work done without damaging my poor little fragile psyche…that’s pretty darn good! 🙂

  3. haha libby, i always looked forward to your visits. and it was really hard for me to let you know i had lots of work to do, because i so enjoyed listening to your stories and being silly with you!

  4. It’s funny. When I first come across a horrible person, I’m always a little confused. My default reaction is to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, if their behavior persists, I try to figure out WHY are they acting like that?

    If it STILL persists and they cross the invisible line (and I have a very high boiling point) then, yes, all bets are off. My dad always used to say, “Have no sympathy, take no prisoners.”

    • she is definitely persistent with her behavior. haha i usually give people several chances also. it is frustrating with her because if you are trying to avoid her, she will make it look like you are being the one who has a problem. oh well. i like your dad’s saying. i need to remind myself of that when i’m around her.

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