Ermahgerd, Half Marathon with Casey

My friend, Casey, and I ran a half marathon today. It was her first one ever and she did great; we did great! We finished in 2:29:49. Now, I know that may not sound that awesome to all you elite runners out there, but this is my fastest half finishing time ever by a little over four minutes! Whoo! I can tell I definitely push myself a little more when I run with her.
Before the race we wrote out each mile on our inner forearms and dedicated them to a person who inspire/motivate/support us and who we love. I did not realize then that this would actually help me throughout the race.

mile dedications

mile dedications

While we were waiting for the race to start, we saw the usual person in a tutu, except this was a dude who was also shirtless. That was a first. A little over two-miles into it, Casey asked how far we had gone. When I told her, she said, “Oh God, it feels like it’s been six.” Around the three-mile point, I started looking at my Garmin watch (which is usually not a good thing for me to do) and telling Casey what mile we were on, so we could tell each other who’s mile we were running. I usually try not to keep looking at my watch because it seems to make the miles and time go by so much slower, but this was okay. It made me think of that person/group of people and what they mean to me.
We popped some Gummy Lifesavers around mile six to give us a little boost and started to get anxious for the turn around point. It seemed to take forever to get there! When we did turn around, we were running into the wind just about the whole way back. Argh!
The miles kind of started to jumble together at this point, and some silly things started happening. There was a guy on a bike, I guess medical/volunteer, who passed us and we got a nice view of his butt crack. Casey choked on her drink at one water station. During one point, Casey looked down and said, “Oh no;” I thought maybe some one lost their timing chip, but there was a toad hopping on the path, and I screamed because I almost stepped on it.
Despite all the silliness and slow-going in the beginning, we finished in an awesome time and I am so proud of us.
Bud was waiting at the finish line to take pictures and be supportive, like always. We took our post-race stench out to breffie just in time for the church crowd to be there. Once we ate and drank coffee, we felt more human. We talked and laughed and acted weird and stupid.
On the drive home we talked about silly and disgusting things, and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. It was such a great day! I am so glad I have these people in my life.

kerri and casey

half marathoners and medals


2 thoughts on “Ermahgerd, Half Marathon with Casey

  1. This is great! Nick asked where I ended up on the list. I told him 6 and he was like uh! I listed off the first 5 and knew the first 3 were family. After I read that Nick said no Bud? I said nope he’s 12, hee hee. I understand why he was 12 and you were 13, but it sort of makes me laugh he got the tail end. Its so awesome you finished and 4 min faster at that! Looking forward to our 5K.

  2. yeah, i don’t really think it matters where you come on the list. there were people i would have liked to put on there, but ran out of miles.
    that doesn’t mean i’m going to run a full marathon just to get more miles/people in, though! haha

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