A Good Day

I have not posted anything about work lately, mostly because I do not think it is appropriate to say most of the things I have been thinking. Work has become increasingly frustrating for me (as I am sure is the case with a lot of people). This is something I feel a little guilty saying, considering I work in a nursing home. I have heard people say, “it takes a special person to work in long-term care;”  I used to be that person, but not for some time now. I should feel a sense of accomplishment about what I do and get the warm-fuzzies when I am at work, but I do not. I think I changed from working at a large corporation for ten years, getting screwed over in the process, moving to smaller company and after about three years, noticing changes being implemented that remind me very much of the corporation I left.
Along with feeling burnt out in general, another daily irritation is my boss is pretty unpredictable when it comes to her mood: nice and calling her employees honey/baby one minute and then yelling at one or all of them for the most insignificant thing the next.
The past several weeks have been pretty aggravating with new residents’ special diet needs, the usual daily demands and coworkers being catty. I get really agitated with all of this, then I am agitated at myself for letting things get to me. It is a vicious cycle.
However, today was my first good day in a long time. My boss (who was in a decent mood) was only there for a couple of hours, passing my menus went almost as smooth as butter and supper trayline actually finished in good time with only a couple minor hiccups. After work, I met my coworker/friend for a little run to get ready for our half marathon coming up in a month (oh snap). We have lots of work to do, but remain confident. I had a nice evening to myself, since Bud was out with his friends. Tomorrow I go to my parents’ house for breffie (with crispy bacon!) and picture-taking/visiting/quilt binding.
I know I have said something like this before; I just need to look at the good things and try not to focus on the negative. I am usually a positive person, but I think I might be getting cynical as I get older.


4 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. My reply to the “it takes a special person…” was always “Nah…I just go home and kick the dog” (NO not really!!!) And getting cynical…nah…just wising up. I think the reason we had a cadre of people at the “large corporation job” on which we could depend (and even WE could be moody) was we seriously had NO power over anyone and therefore no axe to grind and we had a seriously sick sense of humor. I actually think as I am getting older I am getting less cynical and just more amused (and often saddened) by people’s unkindness to one another…letting it roll off more than I used to. I don’t know HOW it happened but it may have been from driving all that way to church south of Zanesville for a year. I know I still have lots to learn.

  2. i know you wouldn’t kick you doggies. i can see the wising up part. and i continue to have a sick sense of humor. i don’t think my current coworkers have as sick of ones as you guys did, though. hopefully i can learn to let things roll off me too. i have a hard time with that. i have noticed i have been saying, “it doesn’t matter,” and awful lot. ugh, i need to change my way of thinking since i cannot change other people’s.

  3. So true you can only control your own thoughts and actions. I know I am over senstive and expect a lot of people. I just figure if I stop doing that than I am just as bad as the people that annoy me. It does sadden me how it seems that people care less and less about other people and the environment we live in. Keep your chin up! You know I have had just as many awful days and moments as you and have been there. We just have to glad we have met each other and others who still care.

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