A Quick Workout This Morning…

…that almost murdered my face. And arms, and back. I may be exaggerating.
I have decided to actually DO some of the workout/exercises I have pinned during my many hours of Pinterest surfing, rather than them collecting virtual dust on my “health” board. I had just rolled out of bed this morning and thought I should try to exercise a little; I knew I would not want to do it when I got home from work, so I fired up my laptop and picked a workout to do before I jumped in the shower. I started out by trying to do some butterfly sit-ups and I could NOT do them. Nothing like exercising to make you realize how out of shape you are.
I changed to a different set of cross fit type workouts which consisted of ten push-ups, thirty bicycles, ten burpees, a sixty-second plank and ten lunges (I did the series twice). I usually have to cheat at push-ups, but I thought I would suck it up and do the real deal. I was doing okay until I was about halfway through my burpees and I had to rest for a few seconds. I am sure I looked like I was flailing around and flopping like a fish on land, since I was still half asleep and I am a little clumsy. The lunges were no problem but the plank got pretty shaky about three-quarters of the way through; I could feel my back drooping.
The second round was less enjoyable and I was cursing the plank. But hooray, I did something! And I even did a little something when I got home from work (not those evil butterfly sit-ups). I didn’t run, but I did something! I took it on down to Boomtown! I feel a little sore in my abs and I like that because it makes me feel like I accomplished something.
Tomorrow I will try to do another workout in the morning and maybe run a little when I get home. But now, I’ll look for more exercises on Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Workout This Morning…

    • well, no. but i guess in a messed up way it makes me feel good when i’m a little sore. but not when i’m so sore i have trouble moving/walking. are you understand? 🙂

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