New Year, New Look

I thought I would revamp the look of my blog for the new year: a little more clean and slightly more professional looking. Not that I am going to post about professional topics, just the same old silly stuff. I also added the milestone widget which counts down to events I can specify. I have put races on this widget in hopes of keeping me on track (and maybe others harassing me will help too) with training. I think it will be good for me to have that count down in my face, especially since I freaked out a little when I saw there was only three months until my next half marathon. Oh, snap! I need to get busy!
I also asked one of Bud’s family members if I could help them with their company website. They have asked me about working on it before, but I have felt too green to tackle something like that. Since I just need to practice, I hope their offer still stands.
School starts again in a couple of weeks and I will take what might be my last web design class. Hopefully my head will overflow with creative webby ideas. Feeling motivated and excited! Woo! I better go for a run on the treadmill before the mood fades.
Happy New Year, everyone!


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