A Few Early Resolutions

Holy cow, I cannot believe there is less than a week left until the new year! The years seem to zoom by now; I remember when they used to take forever. I guess that is what happens when you get older.
Next year I have three half marathons planned, at least one 10k and several 5ks, and I will train better than this year! I will also hopefully get some practice building some websites. Then there is the usual eat healthier resolution, and maybe I will try to not be so hard on myself when I slip up.
Usually I resolve to try to be a better person; next year I will also treasure the time I spend with friends and family. Now that I am older I have realized how important friends and family are to me and no one knows how long we have together.
So, here’s to keeping resolutions. Have a Happy New Year!

Halloween 10k with Ang

Halloween 10k with Ang

Christmas with my parents

Christmas with my parents

Holly's Christmas skunk

Holly’s Christmas skunk


One thought on “A Few Early Resolutions

  1. I am trying to make my resolution be to get rid of excess. That means cleaning and organizing my junk and getting rid of what I really don’t use. Not eating in excess!!! Getting rid of the excess of excuses for not working out, not selling my crafts/jewelry, not doing the dog training business. Don’t use things in excess like leaving the water on while I brush my teeth. Not spending money in excess. The list could probably go on and on. Oh and not spending an excess of time on the computer when I could be working out or cleaning up or a number of other things.

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