Take It On Down To Boomtown

Bud is always saying “take it on down to Boomtown,” or, “I just took that (insert whatever noun you like) on down to Boomtown!” We had breffie this morning at Bob Evans, or Blob’s as we like to call it, and were feeling especially silly. He was wearing his Las Vegas shirt, which says est 05 USA. We thought that was confusing; was Vegas really just established in 2005? Maybe it was 1905 or 1805. Bud mentioned Boomtown and I said I could make him a shirt that said Boomtown est 2012, which would be very specific. He asked if I would put USA on it and I said I was not sure, since Boomtown is where ever Bud is. Then Bud informed me he is the mayor of Boomtown. I had to run out to the car to get a pen and paper to write this information down. When I returned, I said I would not blog about Boomtown if he did not want other people to know about it. He said, “Boomtown lives in your heart and your mind. No one can take Boomtown away from me.”
Then an elderly group was seated in a booth  next to us and the hostess said if they could not squeeze three people on one side of the booth, the one of them would have to sit in a chair on the end (which I dubbed the bitch seat). So the elderly people loudly discussed who would sit on the end. They concluded that Mabel, a walker toting lady who looked older than all of them would sit in the bitch seat. The server took her walker and put it out-of-the-way, but I could only assume the others had instructed the server to hide it from sweet Mabel so they could make a quick get away.
Then I heard the jingling. I would say I am sensitive to some sounds, the annoying ones: the vibrating noise the compartment in my car makes when I drive at a certain speed, slurpy noise Bud makes when he eats cereal, the continuous clicking of a pen by a coworker in a meeting and do not get me started on the sound of someone filing their nails. All of these sounds either make me want to run away or punch something. At Blob’s, I heard the sound of tiny jingle bells and they kind of made me want to murder someone. I know that makes me sound like a Scrooge, but I am not, it is just the sound thing.

So that was our silly morning at Blob’s. There are lots of other conversations between Bud and I that I wish others could hear, and some that I wonder if people would think we are crazy.


3 thoughts on “Take It On Down To Boomtown

  1. Since I know you both I would say yes indeed you are crazy. Of course crazy cool! I love that Bud said Boomtown lives in your heart and no one can take that away. Poor ole Mabel getting dissed by her friends. Oh my gosh do I ever agree with you on annoying sounds! I had to pull the car over once because the zipper on the gym bag in the back seat was rattling! I am guilty of clicking my nails (when I have some) and I don’t even hear that noise or notice I am doing it which drives others insane. I love funny conversations with Nick and wish everyone could share them, but then I found out they aren’t that great to others. They mean so much to us and make us laugh because of the years we have spent together. I should keep a notebook for our AnNick’s. (that was suppose to be our names together, but like antics). Thanks for sharing your fun time at blob’s.

  2. I loved this! I was reminded how I had to learn NOT to file my nails around you. My Rudolph antlers with the teeny little bells would likely provoke a similar response. I miss the nose though…I lost it last week 😦

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