How Do I Spell Relief?

I had my last Computer Graphics class tonight and we had to present our final projects. Even though I got frustrated at some points and it did take quite a bit of time, I had lots of fun doing it. Please see the before and after pictures of my final project below. So as I was leaving class, I spoke to my teacher about the Web Design program and if he had any suggestions for online schools. He suggested a couple of classes for me to take and said if I was not planning on moving to/looking for a job in a larger city, I do not necessarily need a degree. I just need to start building websites for non-profit companies, friends who have hobbies/interests, anything to make a good portfolio and try to get my foot in the door somewhere. He also told me I should continue to work with Photoshop and create a portfolio for that too. I guess bigger cities want to see a degree, but smaller towns just want to see experience. I walked away from that conversation feeling so much better about everything. I want to build a site for everything now! I already have several online tutorial sites bookmarked about HTML and web design if I need to know something. I am thinking I will be able to make this work out, and I took a big sigh of relief for once in a long while.


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