Motivation and Frustration

Motivation is something I am having trouble with these days. I need to stay motivated to run and eat better. I am not able to eliminate all the bad foods from my diet (not a diet diet, just everyday eating diet). When I get a hankering for chocolate or sweets, I usually cave, though there are times I could do without eating as much as I do. I have made a conscious effort to not drink as much Coke; it is the tenth of the month and I have only had one can and one small from McDonald’s (whoops). That is great for me! I hope I can keep it up. I switched up what I take to work for lunch, and I think I am scrounging in the kitchen less after trayline. I have been really lucky with my weight, but I am not getting any younger, so I am trying to be proactive.
I have several races planned for next year already, so I need to be motivated to train more than I did this year. My work friend is planning to move to North Carolina in the spring, and we have decided to run a half marathon together before she goes. Ang and I are also going to run the USAF 10K next fall and we want to run in several races throughout the year to make sure we’re ready. My dad and I are going to enter register for a half marathon in Indiana, and there is another half in Indiana that I would not mind running just because the medal looks cool. So I really need to make myself this coming year (I think that is an early resolution).

Frustration is what I am feeling with the future of my college education. Prior to enrolling in fall classes, I met with my academic advisor who informed me the Internet Technologies Program would probably be eliminated by the beginning of 2013. So she planned out some of the web classes I would need to take for the next two semesters and I went on my way. Since she told me, that has always been in the back of my mind. I had a glimmer of hope when one of my previous teachers told me he had heard the school might not get rid of the program. Hooray! I also wondered if they would still cancel it since a brand new batch of students were in the Intro to Internet Development class this fall. I registered for spring classes (the ones my advisor planned for me) a couple of weeks ago and one of them was not available. I emailed my advisor to ask if I had missed something, if there was another web substitute and if the program was still being canceled. A week and a half later she responded saying the class will no longer be offered and the program is being eliminated. She did suggest a few of my other classes to substitute. Well, no shit; if there are no other web classes available, then I guess I have to take some other required class. I will probably end up looking for an online college to transfer to once my time runs out. I wish I would have decided sooner that I wanted this change in my life so this would not be an issue, but at least there are other options out there. To be continued…


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