Running Head Games

It almost got to 70 degrees today. In Ohio. In November! I decided I should stop being a slacker, get my butt off the couch and go for a run. I did relatively well for not having been out in several weeks. It was a little breezy as I ran through my neighborhood, but as I got to the bike path and ran along the river, there were no houses to block the wind. I ran to the park and the wind was annoying but manageable. My nose started running while in the park, and I also started getting thirsty. I decided to stop by the restroom which has a water fountain outside. Nothing happened when I pushed the button on the water fountain, so I went into the restroom to blow my nose. There was no mirror to check for residual nose goo; I hoped I got everything and set out again.

The wind was so much worse on the way back (this is where the head games begin). The wind makes me feel so much slower than I already am, like I’m making all the running motions but going at a walking pace. I imagine some people observing me and saying, “That lady sure does walk funny!” My eyes were watering because of the wind, even with my glasses on, I could barely hear my music. I was hating every step and every gust. My head was overflowing with all kinds of thoughts. I generally try to zone out and empty my head when running, but I was thinking about how much I hated the wind and how I wanted to be done already. I thought about how I could blog about all this, and how I was thinking about everything instead of zoning out. It all made me so angry, so I just put my head down and hated it all the way home.

I ended up running six miles, and I am glad I did it instead of just sitting on the couch. It seems silly that I am griping about running in the wind, but it makes me hate to run. That is all for my crabby running story. Who else out there has a crabby running story?


4 thoughts on “Running Head Games

  1. Good for you making it out to run! As usual I have not run any since our 10K. I really need to get up and run in the morning. I always say oh yeah I will run today. Then I do all kinds of stuff and my body feels tired by the time I think its good to run. So, therefore I don’t run. I read a headline in a magazine the other day said 6 moves and 20 min of cardio 3 times a week to an awesome body. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but I thought maybe I can handle that. Well, we will believe it when we see it!

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