Ode to Basketball

Oh basketball, oh basketball
Of the college variety,
It has been so long
And I have dearly missed thee.

All the dribbling and fast breaks
Excite me to the core.
The fast-paced action makes me shout
More, more, more!

At times I do curse
When my teams are playing like crap,
I tend to strike my knee
And yell things like, “Oh…snap!”

But when my teams are winning
Everything is alright.
When the game is over
I’ll say, “This will be a great night.”

There are several teams I dislike
And I find it such a treat
When they lose a game
And I revel in their defeat.

My teams are MSU and UNC.
Last year they both played decently.
This season, who knows?
I guess I’ll wait and see!


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