Muse is Alright with Me

As I sit here on the couch typing this post, I am rocking out to Muse on my MP 3 player. They are my favorite band, or at least they are at the top of the list of my favorite bands (which include Middle Class Rut, Queens of the Stone Age, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin). Sorry, had to get those out. I have all but one of Muse’s albums and was anxiously awaiting the release of their sixth studio album, The 2nd Law. Then I listened to the teaser for it; wow, so different from their earlier stuff. I immediately had a closed mind and decided I was not going to buy it. There were people saying it was a dub step album and I was not happy about that. Not that I know a lot about dub step, but I know that Bud listens to it and I generally dislike what I hear coming through his headphones.
After The 2nd Law had been out for a couple of weeks, I broke down and listened to it on Spotify. I slowly began to change my mind about this album. It is different, but that is okay; it shows Muse is growing as a band. I have read some not very nice comments from Muse fans about this album, and I wonder if they are truly fans? I guess if you really love a band, you need to learn to grow with them, and that is what I did. I love The 2nd Law (which I did buy) and listen to it every day when I am in my car. It has turned me back on to Muse, as I was not listening to them as much as usual and ready for something new. I have also developed a crush on the bass player, Chris Wolstenholme. He is usually the back up singer, but on this album he is lead singer on two songs. These songs are about his battle with alcoholism, and his voice is like a breath of fresh air to me.

Chris Wolstenholme
You’re welcome.

I have also been watching a lot of Muse videos and concerts on YouTube which makes me want to see them in concert again. For anyone interested, I highly recommend watching the Muse iTunes Festival 2012 on YouTube for a nice mix of old and new songs. When I watch the iTunes video and see the people close to the stage, I wish I could be close to the stage at a concert, jumping around. But if I were actually that close to all those people I would freak out.
A couple of other recommendations I have are some lesser known songs that (I think) rock: The Groove and Dead Star. Dead Star is the hardest Muse song I have ever heard; it is awesome. There are many other Muse songs on YouTube I had never heard of before. Listening to them was like opening presents as Christmas, some gifts were better than others.
I hope others out there in the blogosphere appreciate Muse like I do, and maybe I turned someone new on to them. Happy listening!


4 thoughts on “Muse is Alright with Me

  1. Ok so now I totally have to listen to more muse stuff. I know I like some Muse songs but I couldn’t tell you which ones. I am so bad at being a music fan. I love Coldplay as you know, but I barely know any of the names of the songs. I like what I like and I don’t even pay attention to anything more. Thanks for sharing your love of Muse with all of us.

    • i am also a little bad about not knowing the names of some songs. i just put them on my mp3 player and forget about the names. back in the day, i used to study the cd sleeve with the names and lyrics. i’ve gotten lazy in my old age (and with technological advances).

  2. A lovely read Kerri. I might have stumbled on this a little later than others but it was a great written piece. My love for Muse cannot be put into words, I have been listening to them since 2001 when Origin of Symmetry came out, and it is always nice to read other views of the band from people like you… 🙂

  3. On Sunday before Christmas while driving (actually riding the hubby was driving) home from the first family Christmas celebration we were listening to the radio. A song came on and I was like “hum, I kind of like this song. Do you know who it is?” Hubby, “Yeah its Muse.” Then I remember I was going to listen to the new Muse album since Kerri said it was so good. I finally find myself sitting down and doing just that. I got an i-tunes gift card so I am trying to decide if I want to get just the song I liked that night or just pick up the album at the store. Hard to decide. I might have to highjack your cd one day.

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