She’s Crafty

I’ve been going through a crafty phase recently. Now that I’m addicted to Pinterest again, I have several projects I want to try. It started when Ang and I made these “tie dye” shirts with colored Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. It turned out pretty cool, but it has majorly faded. Then we made real tie dye shirts, which was way fun and I have since made several more for other people.

One trip to Ang’s resulted in such an extended craft shop browse session, we hardly had enough time to craft. We attempted to make these bracelets (might I mention that Ang is a jeweler) and the first step stumped us; I said many a profanity. That same evening, we tried making Christmas ornaments where we swirled paint around in clear glass bulbs. Our first ones turned out really crappy and we had to wash all the paint out of them and let them dry. By that time, I had to go home.

On another visit, we made fabric pumpkins and made a second attempt at the Christmas ornaments. This time our outcome was more positive and we also made ornaments using floor cleaner and glitter. Those were way fun!

Our most recent craft adventure was salt dough ornaments; I was hoping mine would turn out better.

I have since got a hankering to try designs on t-shirts. My first one was using Elmer’s glue and after it dried, I dyed it. It is Chuck Norris with a pizza head. When Bud and I went on vacation, we went to a restaurant and they had a Chuck Norris pizza. On the way home I was drawing silly things and this was one of them. I wish it wouldn’t have turned out so blobby, but it was a first try.

Yesterday and today I experimented with bleach dying. I made Bud a some bears have sensitive hearing shirt (there is also a story behind this, but it is longer) and attempted to make myself a design on a gray shirt. However, the bleach did nothing to the gray shirt! Very strange. So I tried galaxy print dying. First attempt I thought was blah. Always use 100% cotton, people! Second attempt, pretty groovy.

Can’t wait to try more techniques!


6 thoughts on “She’s Crafty

      • Oh I have been whiny plenty of times! Tonight I started a bracelet like the ones we made at your house and it was a royal pain so, I ate 2 cookies instead! Forgot to mention that you are so creative you came up with the Chuck Norris pizza character and the Bears have sensitive hearing design as well!

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