Been A Long Time

Wow! I’ve really let this thing go. I’ve got a lot to talk about, so I’ll try to keep everything short. I am pretty bad about long drawn out explanations, though.

We went on vacation to a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota; it was very relaxing. Most vacations Bud and I go on, we spend so much time sight-seeing that we don’t really unwind like we should. We did go to the International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Canter. The bears were so cool; they just hung out and waited to be fed. There were also all these little critters running around with the bears, waiting for food too. Mostly chipmunks, birds, a duck and these other things that I’m guessing were prairie dogs.

A week after vacation, Bud and I started school again. I’m taking Computer Graphics (which I really like)  and Intro to Macintosh (it’s just meh). There are only four people, including me, in my Computer Graphics class. One girl is really annoying; she is always coming to class late and instead of asking the instructor for help, she sighs really loud or pounds on the keyboard or mouse harder (like that is going to help) until he finally comes over to see what is wrong. We are supposed to read the chapter and watch a video that goes with it at home, and then in class we work through the exercises in the book. She thinks he is just leaving it up to us to figure things out on our own and he should be teaching us everything, “That’s what he is getting paid for!” When he comes over to help her, she’ll say she’s tried everything the book had told her and nothing works. Well, come to find out, she either skipped a step or was not doing something the right way and instead of working back a few steps to figure it out on her own, she gives up.

I had to cram in some training for my half marathon, since I had slacked for so long. Sophie, my friend from work, became my faithful trainer by riding her bike beside me while I ran. We became close friends over those few months as she helped me train. I was afraid I would have trouble, but I ran the half marathon (on the day after my birthday) and my time was only two minutes slower than the previous year.

Sophie is moving to California; her last day at work is Thursday. I decided to make a Shutterfly book for her, so I took my camera to work for a couple of weeks and tried to be stealthy. She had no idea of what my coworkers and I had planned for her. I finally got all the pictures together and the book designed; it was really fun! I also tie dyed some t-shirts for her and made her a batik/tie dye quilt cause she’s a groovy lady. My coworkers and I collected money to help with her drive out west, and we gave it all to her at a surprise party last Saturday. I still can’t believe she’s leaving, and I wish we wouldn’t have waited so long to start our friendship.

That’s all I can think of right now. I know that’s not a good way to end a post, but I’ll have to get back in the swing of this.


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