Relief, Excitement and Worry

Tonight I was relieved to finally finish my last English Composition class for the semester; I celebrate by writing a post.  What is wrong with me?  I don’t think I have ever written so much as I have in the past two months.  My last paper had to be on a Presidential candidate, and I am totally not into politics.  So, that was awesome.  At least I get to take more web related classes next semester.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for a week, because Bud and I are going on vacation.  We are renting a cabin in Minnesota, and this makes me excited!  We even invested in a new camera with all the bells and whistles, so we can take really cool pictures.  Not that we are planning on doing anything too exciting, but you never know.  I’ll have to update you when we return.

I am worried about Angie (an ex-coworker) and her husband, Cory.  Cory is only in his mid-twenties and has stage 4 cancer; it was just diagnosed in July.  Apparently, he had a tumor in his leg, it spread to his lungs and now it’s in his brain.  He had emergency surgery yesterday to remove a large tumor from his brain; this was successful, and now they are waiting to see what happens next.  The website Ultimate Fight for Cory was set up for health updates and even an option to give money for his medical bills.  I can’t even imagine what they are going through now.  It sucks to think you are living life normally one day, and the next day everything is upside down.  Please join me in sending Angie and Cory good thoughts, vibes, love, prayers or whatever your thing is.

I would like to see about asking people to give money in his name, either per mile or a certain amount, for my upcoming half marathon in September.  Then, after the race I would give it all to Angie and Cory.  But I don’t know if there are any legalities to doing that, and people may wonder if I’m actually giving the money to them.  Any thoughts/suggestions on this, people?

Keep smiling Angie and Cory; punch cancer in the face!!


2 thoughts on “Relief, Excitement and Worry

  1. Cory and Angie will definitely go to the top of our prayer list, good wishes, punch in cancer’s face and all.

    Hope you and Bud have a WONDERFUL time!!!

  2. Hey girlie, great job on finishing up the English class! I know how happy you must be that it is finally behind you. Have a great time on your trip it sounds fun. Sorry to hear about your friend/coworkers husband. That is unimaginable, I wish them the best of luck. I really HATE cancer. It needs to curl up and die already! My sister in law raised money for the American Cancer Society for her tri. I think she just asked the promoters for the tri if she could raise money for cancer. I think she then went through American Cancer Society to set up a page where people made donations. I’m sure there is a way for you to do it. That is super duper cool and nice of you to want to do that. You go girl!

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