A Day At The Fair

Ang and I spent the day at her local county fair yesterday.  We used to go to this fair all the time when we were in middle and high school; we would ride our favorite rides, which were the Scrambler, Tilt-A-Whirl, Himalaya, the Spider/Octopus, and she even got me on the Gravitron a couple of times.  Ang showed dogs in 4-H when she was younger, so she wanted to go to the fair to see the dog show and invited me along.

We met at Bob Evans for breffie, and then we were on our way.  Not that we could remember how much it cost to go to the fair when we were younger, but now it is expensive!  It was $5 to get in the gate, $3 to park, $16 for an all day rides wrist band (we did not get this) and then any extra for games and food.  Wow!

So we watched several kids show their dogs, then they showed them again.  We weren’t really sure what was going on, as there were no announcements when a show class would change, or why the kids were repeating the same exercises.  Ang found someone she used to be in 4-H with, and apparently there had been a lot of changes in the dog show in the past few years, so much that they weren’t sure what was going on either.

We got a little bored watching the same kids and dogs, so we took a stroll around to see if the midway looked the same.  We were surprised that a lot of our favorite rides weren’t there!  We decided to walk through the animal barns also.  I determined that the fair is the best petting zoo.  Animals at regular petting zoos are usually sickly looking, and you’re not too sure about petting them; at the fair, those animals are healthy and normally well taken care of, and there are tons available to pet!  I took several pictures of dogs, goats, cows and ducks.  I also took a video of a duck that looked like it was panting or laughing or something.  It wasn’t making any noise, either.  Ang also took a picture of a bunny that was laying in its cage with its chin on its water dish, almost as if so say, “What a rough night.”

It had been a little while since we had seen some dogs, so we headed back to the dog show.  We did see some different kids, dogs and exercises.  After a few more pictures, we started to get munchy.  We headed out to split a funnel cake.  This was one of the most crunchy funnel cakes I have ever eaten.  We sat on a picnic table, and talked about parents, in-laws, high school and college.

As we walked back to the car, Ang said she saw a guy wearing daisy duke shorts; I’m glad I missed it.  We went back to Bob Evans for supper.  We talked about things we usually don’t talk about, which was nice.  We finally parted ways at almost 10:00.  It was fun seeing dogs, petting farm animals and reminiscing about old days with such a great friend.


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