Journal Entry

I’ve done a lot of writing recently in my English Composition class, which makes me want to vomit at times.  So, I haven’t really had time to make a post, or been in the mood to think of something interesting to talk about.  We have to write two in class and two at home journals a week.  This week, we had to write a how-to journal on something we knew how to do very well.  This is what I decided to write.  Bud said I should post it, so if you don’t like it, I’ll just blame him.

How to Have an Awesome Saturday

  1. Roll out of bed at whatever time, but usually around nine or ten o’clock in the morning.
  2. Quietly sneak around the house to make minimal floor squeaks, so as not wake up still sleeping husband.
  3. Make mandatory pot of coffee and drink a cup as soon as it is finished brewing.
  4. Scrounge up breakfast food, such as granola bar, dry cereal, or make husband fetch something unhealthy from outside food source when he gets up.
  5.  Sit on the couch with cup of coffee and watch television or surf internet until it is time to wake up husband at eleven o’clock.
  6. When husband is up, either tell him to scrounge up breakfast for himself, or ask sweetly to fetch unhealthy food stuffs from outside source.
  7. Continue to watch television and surf internet throughout the day.
  8. Snack on various items in kitchen, and discuss supper meal.
  9. Make husband reluctantly decide on what to have for supper meal, after informing him it is his turn to decide what to eat.
  10. After eating supper, continue watching, surfing and snacking until bedtime, usually around eleven or twelve at night.

*Note: DO NOT change out of pajamas unless absolutely necessary.


After Bud read this, he said, “Wow, we must have an awesome Saturday every weekend!”


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry

  1. Awesome! I love your word choices for outside food source and Scrounge. Nice work I would give you and A! Also, sounds like a great day to me. I do this often although husband is up before me and I usually don’t wait for the coffee to actually stop brewing before I get the first cup.

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