Storms and Tie Dye

Last Friday, I was meeting Ang after work and going to house for some girl time.  Before I left work, we had some nasty storms.  I was out and about, passing menus to the old people, so i didn’t hear a lot.  When I got back to the kitchen, my coworkers said it sounded like the metal roof over the store-room was going to be ripped off.  It was also blowing rain in the cracks of the back door.  I heard tales of power outages in nearby towns, but didn’t know the extent of the damage.

Before I left, i had a text from Ang saying if I needed to meet later because of the storm to let her know.  They were headed her way next.  I also had a voice mail from Bud asking me to call him.  I gathered my belongings and said so-long to my coworkers and walked out to my car.  I contemplated sending Ang a text, but decided to just call her.  Just as I was about to put my car in reverse, I noticed the person in the car parked next to me was looking at me and waving.  I then realized it was Bud!  We both got out of our cars and he told be why he was there.

He said he had to see me before I left after what he had seen that day.  He had been working in a city an hour north that day and was driving back to his office when the storm hit.  He said the winds were so strong, and his car was being hit by debris.  He could only drive about 45 mph on the highway, and two cars in front of him he saw a semi truck get caught by the wind and roll over.  He wasn’t involved in the accident and was able to drive past.  The truck driver was also okay.  He was freaked out for a while, but just as he was breathing a sigh of relief a bolt of lightning struck a tree on the side of the highway.  Props to my husband for not peeing his pants, because I’m sure I would have.

So, I was off to meet Ang, only 30 minutes late.  Cell reception was horrible and there were tree limbs down everywhere.  I finally got a hold of Ang and we met up and got some tie dying supplies and a ton of food.  We had to take a detour back to her house because (as I found out the next day) there was a poop ton of power lines down in a little village we were going to drive through.  So we ate, learned various ways to tie dye, actually tie dyed some items and had a groovy time.

I want to tie dye everything now!


5 thoughts on “Storms and Tie Dye

  1. Yeah props for sure to Bud for not peeing himself! I want to do more tie dying too! I feel bad that I dyed more stuff than you. So, you totally have to come over and do it again soon!

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