Work, The Frustration Generator

The past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy at work.  I’m sure anyone can relate to that.  Last week, the Department of Health was in our building to do our annual inspection.  That (and the weeks/months leading up to it) is always hectic.  Everyone is making sure everything is in order.  Which, my thought is, if we just made sure it was in order all year we wouldn’t have to freak out right before they came.  Anyway, by some miracle we didn’t get any deficiencies.  And we all breathed a sigh of relief (until next year).

Around the middle of last week, a phone message was sent out to everyone saying something like, “Make sure you get your VCPI training completed by Thursday evening.  That is the last opportunity you all will have to do it.”  And I was like, “What is this pvc whatever training?  I’ve never heard anything about it!  It must be for the Department Heads and not have anything to do with me.”  How silly of me to assume.

Last Friday, after the Department of Health exited, our Administrator said something about our email system getting changed and other changes/updates being made to the computers.  This made me want to punch face since my coworker and I should have been involved in the training and now we were in the dark.  And (this is really scary) I’m the most computer savvy person in my department.  My coworker knows a lot of stuff, but I’m surprised our boss knows how to work the mouse.  And she refuses to learn new things if she doesn’t have to.  Take the printer for instance.  If it is out of toner and neither one of us are in the office, she’ll just wait until we come back and tell us it’s out instead of learning how to change it herself.  It’s so frustrating.

On Monday,  everything was normal until late afternoon, which is when things fell apart.  I tried to get into our tray card system to make a change on a Resident’s food preference when an error message came up.  I tried everything I could think of to get into it, but was not successful.  My boss called the Administrator and she told us to call VCPI tech support.  As my boss was calling the tech support number, she told me she was going to give me the phone so I could talk to whoever answered.  I protested saying, “I don’t even know anything about the updates that have been done!”  She handed me some type of training manual, which didn’t really help me.  While my boss was on hold, our Administrator came in and proceeded to tell me to “chill.”  This is the second time she’s told me to “chill” and I don’t even think I’m freaking out.

So I finally get to talk to the tech support guy, who was very nice.  He remotely takes control of my computer and he can’t find the tray card program either.  Awesome!  I told him the latest we would need it would be the next evening so we could print the following day’s meal tickets.  I was still living in hopeful fantasy land that it would be no big deal to find the program.  Well, Tuesday I was basically on the phone with tech support all day.  Our problem got escalated to a dude that knew more stuff, but wasn’t as nice as the first guy.  He couldn’t do anything for us either.  Luckily, we had hard copies of our meal tickets in a binder.  We had to make copies of those.  Some of them weren’t as up to date as they should have been, which is scary.  Any time someone found a mistake, we would have to change it on the tickets we already had copied and on the hard copy.  And we also got some new Residents in while this happened, so we had to hand write these tickets.  It looks kind of tacky, but what else are we going to do.  We gotta feed the old people.

Yesterday I didn’t talk to anyone.  I figured if they found something out, they would call.  The only good thing in all this stress over the past two days is that our boss hasn’t been there to make it worse.  She was back today.

An actual dude came to our building this morning to work on our computers (all the computers in the building).  He came to our department for a few minutes to see if he could fix it quickly.  The tray card system did open, but it came up with another error message.  He said he had to work on the payroll computer so we could all get paid, and would be back to work on ours.  By the time I left work at 6:00, he still hadn’t been back.  I just got off the phone with my boss.  He was working on our computer and finally got our tray card system up and running.  YEEEEAH!!

I guess my biggest frustration is lack of communication at my job.  After talking to other dietary employees at sister facilities, I found out that they were able to use their tray card systems.  So I’m assuming (there I go assuming again) if my coworker and I had gone through the training, we would have known to do something ahead of time so we would have been able to use our program.

Oh well.  This fiasco has passed.  On to the next frustration!


6 thoughts on “Work, The Frustration Generator

  1. Haha, I love your line, “We’ve gotta feed the old people.”

    Ugh, I hate a lack of communication at work! Luckily, the job I’m at is pretty good, but I’ve been in some that were just awful.

    Sorry you had a rough day! Enjoy this weekend and hopefully next week will be better. 🙂

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