Weekly Running Group

Tonight I wasted a perfectly good pair of shaved legs by sitting on the couch instead of going running after work.  I even took my running clothes to work with me, so I could change into them and go to the park on the way home.  However, I stayed at work longer than usual and ended up not even changing into my running clothes before I left.  Also, the road on the way to the park was closed, so I would have had to go out of my way to go there.  And I was just being really lazy and just wanted to go home and eat supper with Bud and sit on the couch.

Yesterday was National Running Day.  I had intended on going running after work earlier in the day.  I ended up staying at work later than usual and then going home, sitting on the couch and eating pizza for supper.  Nice.

In the town I live, there is a store that sells running shoes/clothes/gear and they have a group that runs every Saturday morning and Wednesday evening.  They advertise to all abilities and paces.  I went out with the Wednesday night group twice.  The first time I was by myself.  I hadn’t been running in a while and was trying to get back in the swing of things when I went out with them the first time.  They asked me what my pace was and I wasn’t really sure so I kind of guessed at what I had run several months before.  I didn’t know what to expect, like if someone would run with me or what.  We started off, and immediately I knew I was going to struggle to keep up.  I slowly fell to the back of the group and I became so concerned with trying to keep up with them.  It was no longer enjoyable.  When I finally made it back to the store, the owner (?) asked how my run was and I told her it sucked.  It was my own fault, though.  She encouraged me to come out again and there would be someone with the same pace as me.

A few weeks later I asked one of my coworkers if she wanted to join me on the group run.  I had told her of my previous experience and she said she would come and we could go at our own pace since we had run together a few times before.  That evening we set out and it was a different route than what we had gone the last time.  As we fell back, we thought we were running at our own pace, but (as we talked about later) we were still trying to keep up with the group.  We came to a railroad crossing and I thought to myself, “I better be careful when I run over this so I don’t trip.”  And just that quick I was on the ground.  I put my hand out to try to catch myself when I fell and it was really sore.  I also banged up my knee pretty good and it was bleeding.  A car pulled over and this guy yelled out the window, “Are you okay?”  I said I was and felt really embarrassed, but grateful that he stopped.  My coworker immediately said we should turn around and I said I wanted to try to run a little further.  We ran maybe half a block when I checked my knee and decided we should turn back.  I was so pissed at myself for not running through it.  If she wasn’t with me, I’m not sure if I would have turned around or not.

I am very glad she was with me, though.  The group was once again far ahead and had no idea I had fallen and we had eventually turned back.  We were cursing the running group people all the way back to our cars.  We vowed to make our own running group with just the two of us and to never run with the Wednesday night runners again.

When we were walking back, my coworker asked what I was thinking and I said I was thinking about that dude that pulled over to ask if I was okay.  I said I bet he’ll get to where ever he’s going and tell all his friends, “Man, I totally saw this girl bite the dust while she was running.  hahaha!”  And my coworker was like, “That wasn’t a dude.  That was a lady.  She just had really short hair and kind of a deep voice.  And she looked genuinely concerned.”  Then we laughed because I’m an idiot who mistakes women for men.

So, the morals to the story are, know what your pace is before you go running with a weekly running group.  Don’t expect the members of the group to run with you (if you are new to the group).  Pick up your feet when running over railroad tracks.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Running Group

  1. Is there an opposite to a drag queen? I decided to start walking while I have been on staycation and I have seriously hurt my right knee (no fall) and realized this town is kind of scarey. Jerry and I walked one evening and was I GLAD he was with me!

    • so, did you run into this person who is an opposite of a drag queen on your walk?
      there is a lady who walks around our town and yells random obscenities to people/cars/nothing. one time, she stopped at a cross walk and i was waiting to turn, so i waved her across and she started yelling something at me even though she crossed. i did pass her once when i was running, but didn’t have any trouble. kinda creepy.

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