Hold Me Closer, Tipsy Blogger

I usually don’t drink because it makes my stomach  do not so nice things.  But tonight, I was hearing the call of the mojito.  Bud and I had to go out because I needed more fabric for my quilt and Bud’s mouse died while he was  playing Diablo 3.  We went out for supper after our shopping and I had 3 mojitos.  I haven’t had any alcohol in about a year or so.


For anybody who hasn’t had a mojito, it is made with rum, mint, lime, sugar and club soda.  I had my first mojito a few years ago when we went on vacation to Traverse City, Michigan, in a Cuban restaurant and it was delicious.   The ones I get around where we live are just from Ruby Tuesday.  Not quite as good, but will do the trick.

Ruby Tuesday has a couple different flavors of mojitos: classic (as I described above), strawberry, mango and acai pomegranate.  Tonight, the first one I got was the classic.  Or, as I ordered it, “a regular old mojito.”  It was pretty weak.  It tasted like mostly sugar and mint.  Even Bud, who HATES rum, thought it was weak when I asked him to taste it.

An interesting little thing about Bud and I.  We like the opposite of most things. He likes floppy bacon and I like crispy.  He likes floppy french fries and I like crispy.  So when we go to restaurants and we have what the other likes, we trade.  Very convenient!  Bud likes vodka and I prefer rum.  In fact, I despise vodka and Bud despises rum.  So I knew my drink was weak when even Bud thought so.

I sucked down the first drink right before our meal came and ordered a mango mojito.  Mistake.  Even though it was a little stronger, it was not very good, but I drank it anyway.  Our server was acting all surprised when I ordered my second (and third) drink, and it made me feel a little funny.

When I drink I seem to get a little paranoid (for lack of a better word).  I’ll give you an example.  Tonight when I ordered my second drink, the server said, “Wow!  I’m jealous of all these drinks you’re getting.  I may have to go in back and have a couple myself.  HAHA!!”  That makes me feel like she’s saying, “Wow, you sure are a lush!”  I always seem to think the servers are hinting that I’m drinking a lot when I get no more than 3 drinks.  Maybe I should have thought the server was a lush, since she was joking about drinking on the job.

We were finishing up our meal, and our server asked us if we wanted our bill and I declared, “NO!  I am a lush and I want another drink!”  Not really.  I just asked for another “regular old mojito.”  This one was strong.  I made Bud taste it.  He made a disgusted face and had to take a drink of water.  I decided to not finish my meal so I would have room for my drink.

When our server brought our bill, she started talking in a silly voice.  Almost like she was talking to a child.  It made ma laugh, because I always laugh when I’m tipsy, but it also made me feel a little like I wanted to punch her in the face.  So we left.

Bud kept trying to get me to dance my way out of the restaurant, but I refused.  Good thing for everybody.


7 thoughts on “Hold Me Closer, Tipsy Blogger

  1. My daughter introduced me to a drink that I just love. It’s a little embarrassing to order. It’s called “Sex on the Beach.” Don’t say, “I’ll have sex on the beach.”
    or “Do you have sex on the beach?” Next time I think I’ll try a mojito.

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