Random Silliness

For as long as I can remember, I’ve acted pretty silly.  There are numerous baby pictures of me making funny faces (thanks to my dad).  The silliness seemed to intensify when I was in middle school and had a certain couple of friends.  I became friends with Ang (whom I have written about in a few running posts) in the 7th grade.  I had known her since the 4th grade, but I thought she hated me.  And she thought I hated her.  Weird.  On the first day of 7th grade we became friends, and have been ever since.  Ang and I were and still are very silly together.  We make strange noises for no reason.  We make faces at each other.  We are in our early thirties now.

Ang has a history of spitting things on me.  When we used to have sleep-overs, we were all about eating nachos and drinking Mtn Dew.  One night, we were goofing off and Ang had just taken a big sip of Dew.  I can’t remember what happened, but she started laughing and spewed it all over me.  I think she almost choked.  Another time, we were eating Klondike Bars and something funny happened and she spit ice cream on me.  I don’t know.

We went camping with my parents several times in their pop up camper.  Once, we took the game Taboo with us.  We laid on the one bed with the window flap unzipped and buzzed the buzzer at everyone that walked by.  And laughed like psychopaths.

My husband, Bud and I also act very silly together.  I can’t remember exactly when it started, but maybe I noticed it when we took our first vacation together.  We drove 17 hours to Maine.  One  thing I remember him blurting out while we were driving was, “My gum tastes like cheese!”  We used to make fake fart noises on each other’s arms.  How cute is that?

For some reason I went through this screeching phase a few years ago.  I’m not sure why.  I would just see how high-pitched I could screech.  Then Bud would try to screech as high as me, but he couldn’t.  So he would just screech louder.

We make up silly songs about everything, and talk in wacky voices.  Now we’re into this meowing thing.  We call each other meow-meow, and substitute the word meow for other words.  Especially in songs.  Here’s an example dedicated to all you metal fans out there.  “Exit meow, enter meow, take my meow, off to never-never meooooow!”  YEAH!!

I’ll just leave you with that, now that you probably think I’m crazy.

crazy kerri

Behold the silliness.


6 thoughts on “Random Silliness

  1. I confirm your silliness, Kerrimiller (spoken in low, growly tones)
    Libbyboooooova (also spoken in low, growly tones an smile with upperlip pulled under)

    (yeah…you have to see it to believe it)

  2. I pretty goofy/ silly, myself! More people should cut loose, have fun, and not be so self-conscious, I think. Makes life much more enjoyable!

    • i’m not usually silly in front of some one until i get to know them first. so at first i’m kind of shy, but then when i know you, the sillies can’t be held back any longer.

  3. Thanks for telling the world that I spit on my friends. Not sure how many more friends I will get after this. : ) You are only as young as old as you act right? So, this keeps us young!

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