Wildlife Ecounter

I was leaving work yesterday, and as I got into my car, a raccoon scared the crap out of me.

There is this crazy cat lady at work who feeds the stray cats that live outside our facility.  They used to reside behind the dumpsters in back of the kitchen.  She had little Rubbermaid homes set up for them with hay bales and everything.  Every day, before she left for work, she would take a can of wet DOG food out for them to eat.  What?  Wouldn’t that cause a cat to explode?

There is a field and then some woods behind the kitchen/dumpster/cat houses.  Recently, the field was mowed and it looks completely stripped.  Crazy cat lady went out to call the cats to dinner one evening and none of them came.  After a while, she came back inside and cried to my coworker that she thought a coyote had gotten them.  Several weeks later, all the cats miraculously reappeared.  So she condensed the two Rubbermaid cat houses to one and moved them from behind the dumpsters to a grassy area between the back parking lot and a row of hedges.  She usually parks in front of the cat house and puts food in it for the cats.  This is where my story begins.

The raccoon peeked out from the cat house and was chowing down on the cat food.  I don’t want to know what happens to a raccoon when it eats dog food.


2 thoughts on “Wildlife Ecounter

  1. Ugh, that would freak me out! I think raccoons get away with eating pretty much anything. Their versatility is probably why they’re able to survive so well. Kind of like black bears.

    I’m sure that lady is very kind, but she sounds a little crazy to me. Then again, I’m not a pet person.

    • i told another coworker about this today and she told me i should tell the crazy cat lady. she also said that during the winter, she would leave her car door open so the cats could get in from the cold. wtf?? i guess she also leaves the door to her house open and has come home to raccoons and other stray animals. hopefully she never comes home to some stray dude waiting for her!

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