The (Potentially) Germy Cookie

I was able to drag Bud away from his Diablo 3 game long enough for us to go out for supper this evening.  Actually, he suggested it since he was especially neglectful yesterday and I didn’t get my scheduled one hour of Kerri time.

Bud got a meal that came with a dessert.  He could choose between two types of sundaes or a chocolate chip cookie.  He asked me if I would want the cookie to take home (he’s not that into chocolate) since he’d be too full for a sundae.  I hesitated, because I was really thinking about picking up coffee flavored ice cream before we got home.  However, since I usually eat the whole pint and feel miserable afterwords, I opted for the cookie.

The to-go cookie came with our bill and we went up to pay.  There are other baked goods at the cash register, so Bud decided to get a cookie for later too.  A server (I’ll call her Germy Genny) came over to the cookie area in front of us, grabbed a cookie with her bare hand, put it on a plate and walked off.  I freaked out on the inside.  The guy who was ringing us up (I’ll call him Cleanly Carl) was just about to get Bud’s cookie when the phone rang.  So he answered it.  I was pleading in my head for him to use a glove, wax paper, tongs, something other than his disease infested hand to grab Bud’s cookie.  After Cleanly Carl got off the phone, he put on a glove (THANK GOODNESS) and bagged up the cookie.  I don’t know what I would have done if he wouldn’t have put a glove on.

I’m not a germaphobe.  I just have taken safety and sanitation classes for my job.  Bud even calls me Sanitary Kerri.  So sometimes it’s hard when we go out to eat and I see someone like Germy Genny do something like that.  I also can’t stand to see people wearing “magic gloves.”  These are very special gloves.  One can prep food with them, then handle money, adjust their hat, then go back to prepping food.  And they think that’s okay because they’re wearing gloves.  Or maybe they’re just stupid.  Or lazy.  Or don’t give a shit.  I know there are different/more strict regulations in a  nursing home than in a restaurant, but it still makes me cringe.

As for that bare-handed cookie, maybe she was getting it for herself.  When Bud and I were walking out, I told him I should have asked her if she had just washed her hands (even though I’m not nervy enough to do that).  Kind of makes me wonder if my cookie was bare-handed.  Ew.  I’m totally going to eat it anyway.


7 thoughts on “The (Potentially) Germy Cookie

  1. I know how you feel.I work in a factory that produces precooked products and I am drilled with food safety. When I see food prepares not follow food safety I freak out inside.

    • yeah, i don’t know whether to keep it inside (in a restaurant setting) or speak up. i’m usually not the speaking up type. i’m also afraid if i did speak up, then i may get some intentional grossness in my food.

  2. Ewww! I went to a Chinese place last week and they had this bucket of what looked like pre-battered chicken in it. When you placed an order the lady just took a scoop and dumped it in the oil. Not going to this place again. I don’t work in food safety, but that kind of stuff freaks me out anyway. I realized the other day that Chinese do not feel the need to wash hands after using the restroom and I eat Chinese food! May never eat it again!!! Be safe out there in the land of Germy Gennys!

    • well, i’m sure not all chinese people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. and i know there’s plenty of americans and all other kinds of people that don’t wash their hands too. not saying, just saying.

      • Good points! Well, I was being general in saying Chinese don’t wash their hands, I have just seen it a lot when in tourist areas. I sort of assume it is part of their culture or difference from ours.

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