Coffee Maker in My Office?

I’m seriously considering asking my boss if I can have a coffee maker in my office.  The past  few days I’ve been going in early and working 11 hour days to enter data for a new tray card system our company is switching to.  After finishing my coffee around 7:30 ish, it has pretty much worn off by noon.  We do have coffee in the kitchen for the Residents, but it’s decaf.  Useless.  We also have a coffee machine in the break room.  This machine puzzles me.  It offers coffee, latte, mocha, hot chocolate (maybe tea?) AND chicken soup.  I’m sure it’s just broth, but still I find that very strange.  When I have gotten coffee out of this machine, it comes out of a little tube.  So does that mean everything comes out of the same tube?  I’m not sure how many people purchase the chicken soup, but I don’t want it tainting my coffee.  What a tasty concoction that would be: vanilla chocolate chicken coffee.  No better way to  start your morning.

So the combination of crappy coffee options and feeling like a zombie at noon makes me want my own coffee maker.  But since I work in a nursing home, the maintenance men would have to make sure the plug is up to code, or whatever it is they do.  And I would also have  to buy separate coffee supplies to keep at work.  I have to use a certain kind of creamer and it has to be refrigerated.  And if I discovered someone else had used my creamer, I would flip out and punch face.  Not really.  Well, unless I was really craving a cup and I had no creamer.

Maybe I won’t ask for permission for a coffee maker for those few hassles above and another big reason.  My boss would constantly be asking me to go get a cup for her.  And that would piss me off.  My coworker brings her in coffee every morning, and I don’t think I’ve heard her say thank you in the 3 years I’ve been there.  She’s come to expect it, and on the rare occasions my coworker doesn’t bring her a cup, she gets pissy and harps on it all day.

I could keep it a secret and everyone would wonder why I’m so jittery.  “Maybe we should give Kerri  a random drug test.”  I do say quite frequently (when I’m having a stupid moment) that “I’m a crackhead” or “I’m smoking crack.”  People might start to believe me if I’m all hyped up.  I may need to give this careful consideration.


5 thoughts on “Coffee Maker in My Office?

  1. You could switch to tea. Nobody bothers you because the rest of the people are crackhead coffee drinkers. I, too worry if people think I am serious when I say “I gotta stop smokin’ that crack”. If they drug tested me the worst they would find is probably Diet Coke or all the plaque in my arteries.

  2. I practically can’t function without coffee. Luckily, coffee and supplies are provided by my work, or I would be begging off to run down to the nearest Starbucks!

    Great post! Maybe you can convince your work to provide coffee, and in exchange, they can use the supplies, too. If you have to buy and stock the coffee and creamers, then they shouldn’t bitch about not getting any!

  3. Hey I have a one cup coffee maker that I LOVED when I first started making coffee for myself. Back when I could only handle one cup, haha. I often thought about putting it in my office since the coffee at my previous workplace was terrible! They never washed the pot out and it was this nasty brown caked on sludge stuff, ICK! Never did take it in though. It still have it I would lend it to you for office coffee addiction. I don’t use it anymore, but kept it just in case it might come in handy some day.

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