Preparing to be Neglected

Bud is a gamer.  I am not.  We somehow make this lovely marriage work.  He has been foaming at the mouth for the release of this new computer game Diablo 3.  He entered to be a beta tester, but didn’t make it.  He was very sad.  However, one of his coworkers made it and apparently has a horrible internet connection and told Bud he could use his account to play.  Happy hubby.  He has read the Diablo blogs, forums and who knows what else.  He obsesses over it with his best friend, James (which he is doing now) via phone.  Their conversations are usually as follows, “What’s up?  Not much, man.  Diablo, Diablo, Diablo, Diablo.  Okay, later man.”

The game comes out next Wednesday and he is taking 3 days off work so he can play.  He even figured how many hours of game time he would get over those 5 days factoring in a little sleep, eating and bathroom breaks and he even set aside an hour of Kerri time.  I feel so special.

Bud said I should add this to my post.


6 thoughts on “Preparing to be Neglected

  1. Aww, I have to tell you, I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing to my hubby. Out of the two of us, I was the gamer.

    I quit WoW about a year ago. But, while I played, I was one of those hardcore raiders who met three or four (or more) times a week for hours on end.

    Since quitting, I’ve steered clear of MMOs. Although, Terry did lose me for a few weeks to Skyrim. 😛

    • the only game i ever really got into was drakan for ps2. but i had to play with the invincibility code on because i really suck. i pretty much suck at all video games.

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