Semester End, Quilt Slacking, Work Crazed

The semester is finally over.  Well, I do still have to submit my final project in web development and finish my reflection paper.  But after that I’ll have about a month until summer semester starts and I take English.  Blah.  Not looking forward to that.  Writing papers make me want to puke a little.  And if I have to do any group assignments with the kinds of partners Bud and Ang had in their classes, I may have to punch some people in their faces.  I’ll have to keep you all posted.

I should take that month and try to do a little more running and finish up some quilt projects that I’ve neglected.

sewing machine

My poor, neglected sewing table.

My mom keeps telling me she will do anything to help me, but I feel like a slave driver if I give her something of mine to do.  I gave her a bag of fabric squares I had cut, but I still need to cut more.  This is for a double bed size quilt that I have put off working on for about a year.  I’m such a slacker.  I was really into the whole quilting thing at first.  Two years ago for Christmas I made a lap size quilt for the dietary employees.  There were 16 total and I got them done in about 2 months.  I was up til 2:00 am the night before our staff Christmas party finishing the last ones.  But, I must admit I have fallen a little out of love with it.  I would never tell my mom that, though.  It would disappoint her so much.

quilting fabric

There’s fixins for at least 5 or 6 projects in these cubbies.

Quilting is what my mom and I do and my dad and I have the running thing.  So I have to hang onto whatever I have left.  Maybe if I just get my ass off the couch and work on it, I may get interested in it again.  But my ass doesn’t really want to do much when I get home from work on most days.

Work.  Work has been extra shitty lately.  Not saying anybody else’s job isn’t just as (or even more) shitty.  But I’m in a venting mood, so here we go.  There’s been lots of changes going on with our company and my boss, who is already a little imbalanced, is being pushed to the brink of insanity.  Which is making the rest of us crazy.  Some of us are crazy-crazy, I’m just angry-crazy.  I feel the punchies coming on and I have to get up and leave their office for a while.  My coworker and my boss share an office.  I have an office by myself above the kitchen, thank goodness.  So I just escape up there and cuss for a while, maybe purchase a refreshing Coke and some chocolate to relax me.  Then I eventually have to head back down for more.


4 thoughts on “Semester End, Quilt Slacking, Work Crazed

  1. I hear ya, sista. One of my fellow therapists had to figuratively “talk me off the ledge” from quitting just this evening. Perhaps I need some chocolate but a 4 week vacation might also help.

    • i don’t want to go back to work after a 1 week vacation. if i was able to get 4 weeks off, i honestly don’t think i would go back. i would have bud call in and tell them i died or something, hope your job gets better. 🙂

  2. Yep I feel the same way about my jewelry making stuff. You will probably feel more into it if you just do it, but I sit on my bootie instead too!

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