Creepy Dude

I’m taking evening classes for web design.  In the class before mine, there is this creepy dude that sometimes works on the computer next to mine right up until it’s time for my class.  My first, actually the class’ first experience with this guy was interesting.  He was working on whatever it was on his computer and my teacher was wanting to start class.  The guy realized it was time to leave so he logged out of the computer, walked over to the printer and grabbed a piece of paper off of it.  He looked at the piece of paper, crumpled it up, threw it at the wall and walked out of the room.  Our teacher was like, “Oh, I have to know what’s on this paper!”  He un-crumpled it and it was blank.  Weird.

Encounter number two was slightly more traumatic.  He was working away on his computer.  I never really see what he is working on because he’s right next to me and I don’t want to look directly at his screen.  But my classmate, Nancy sat behind him and inspected what he was doing and after he left this time, she said he was making a “stalker website.”  Anyway, class was getting ready to start and our teacher was trying to shoo him out.  He walked out, but left his leather jacket hanging on the back of the chair.  Our teacher went after him, and after a minute came back in saying, “Okay man, I just didn’t want you to forget your jacket.”  Then Creepy Dude comes RUNNING back in, grabs the jacket off the back of the chair, puts it over his head and strolled out.  Apparently, out in the hall he had told our teacher he thought he looked like the lead singer from a group called Flipper.  We Googled that group and our teacher strongly disagreed.

This week, our teacher was sick and didn’t come to class, so it was an open lab all evening.  Which meant Creepy Dude was able to stay all through our class time also.  Yippie!  Nothing exciting happened, thankfully.  He just sat beside me and worked away on his weird computer drawings of cartoonish guys holding guns and one guy that had about ten cigarettes stuffed in his mouth.

I’m sure there’s probably people out there that think I’m weird or creepy (especially on the running paths).  They can write about me in their blogs.


One thought on “Creepy Dude

  1. OMG! Our school has a policy about notifying staff if there is something strange or uncomfortable going on. I think you need security to step in. I don’t think you school would like to be investigated when creepy dude gets arrested for his stalker site. Be safe! Now I am going to have to go google flipper.

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