Some Thoughts on Running

Sorry for another post on running so soon.  I’ll try to space them out more in the future.  I went for a run today and had some thoughts during and after.  I’d like some feedback on some of these things if you all don’t mind.

I don’t know if I’m too friendly or if some people are just jerks.  Maybe both.  Generally on my runs, anyone I pass going the opposite direction I either give a little wave or a breathless, “Hi.”  Most everyone returns the gesture.  A few don’t and I think that’s a little impolite.  Or maybe I’m expecting too much out of them.  Maybe they’re really focused and “in the zone” and can’t be bothered to make eye contact and smile or nod.

Speaking of eye contact, I read an article about women runners and their risk of being attacked on trails/bike paths.  There was something about making eye contact (especially with a man), but the woman will eventually look down and away which makes her appear weak.  Or something like that.  So now I’m making eye contact with everyone I see.  It’s not like I see them 50 feet away and I stare them down until I pass them, but I keep my head up and appear strong.  I am strong, damn it!  So, now everyone will think I’m the crazy attacker that they will look down and away from.

I hate it when a couple three people are running/walking/riding together on a path and think they OWN it and can’t be bothered to move their asses over, so you have to run in the grass.

When I’m finished running, I get this weird smell in my nose.  Not every time, but most of the time.  Maybe it’s the smell of my post run stench.  Or the smell of victory.  The smell of napalm in the morning?

That’s all I got.  Happy running!


4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Running

  1. I understand, but sometimes if there are a lot of people to pass it gets annoying saying hi to every single on of them. You know I don’t pass any people on my runs, but when I go hiking I have this problem. I guess you could just smile though. Well, you better watch out with your punching people in the face comment and evil staring in the eyes. Hee hee just kidding since I’ve known you since 6th grade I can personally tell people you are a very nice person. Just don’t act like dolt around Kerri or me for that matter and you will be just fine. : )

  2. yeah, i guess i could have been the 50th person to have said hi to them. i guess every once in a while i could say “WHAAAAA!!!!!” and wave my hands wildly just to keep them on their toes. i would only save that for suspicious looking people. then the word would spread around town that there’s a crazy runner to watch out for. doing that along with the eye contact thing should ensure i wouldn’t get attacked.

  3. I haven’t run (har har) into very many people while running, but when I do I usually give some kind of acknowledgement that they’re there. It really depends on what stage of running I’m in. If I’m just getting started and feeling spry, then I usually verbally say hello.

    However, if I’m panting and gasping for air and my face is the color of a fire hydrant, I kind of just do a half-assed head nod and hope that passes for human communication.

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