Running and So Much Coffee

This morning I ran a 5k race with my very close friend, Ang.  This was her first racing experience.  My husband, Bud went with us to be supportive.  It was very breezy and chilly.  Luckily, the on and off rain that was in the forecast was “off” while we ran.  I guesstimated it would take us 40-45 minutes since Ang is a new runner and the course had a few hills.  Bud saw us off at the starting line and then headed off to the car to keep warm.  It was a relatively uneventful race except for a few interesting things:

  1. There was this old guy who was wearing long, grey/white spandex pants with black shorts on top.  Both Ang and Bud said they thought those were actually the color of his legs.  Then Bud said the old guy had corpse legs.
  2. I almost fell over this kid (maybe in his tweens) who stopped right in front of me to bend over and pick something up.  After I dodged him and he picked up whatever it was he dropped, he ran until he got just in front of us and then slowed down to walk.  Argh!  I know he was a kid, but he was old enough to know better and that pissed me off.
  3. There was this really cute older guy near the end who Ang said was inspiring.  We were all three together heading toward the finish and he said to me, “You ladies are making me work,” and, “I should get behind you so I can draft you.”  Ang and I were running pretty slowly at this point and this guy was doing this speed walking thing and we were going the same speed!
  4. This race allowed pets.  We saw lots of cute dogs.  One rather hefty German Shepherd did not look pleased to be there and was basically being pulled along by its human.  There was also a lady there walking a HORSE.  I wonder if she’s ever been temped to cheat and ride the horse part of the way?

Ang did great!  We finished faster than my guesstimated time at 38:52.  We all went to breffie to celebrate, despite being smelly and sweaty.  Well, Bud was clean.  This is when the coffee drinking begins.  On a normal day, I drink 2 cups in the morning.  Maybe on a special occasion I’ll drink another cup later in the day.  Today was very special, indeed.  I had 2 cups with breffie.  Later Ang and I went to my local coffee shop and I got a double vanilla cafe breve.  Just a little while ago, I kind of had breffie again for supper (bagel sangwich with egg whites and cheese) and another cup of coffee.  I know that’s probably not a lot to some people.  Especially to people like my dad who practically has an IV drip of coffee from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.  Maybe my body needed more coffee throughout the day because I exerted so much energy in the morning before having coffee.  That’s my theory.

Two side notes:  I have another 5k next Saturday that I’m running by myself.  Can’t wait to see what interesting things are at that race.  Also, when we were at breffie there was this lady who was getting really angry with the hostess and then with her server.  She kept pointing forcefully at her menu and her husband was waving his hands in a “cool your jets” type motion.  We didn’t hear/know the details but decided sometimes those kinds of people need a good punch in the face.


5 thoughts on “Running and So Much Coffee

  1. Had a great day! I actually fixed and ate a big bowl of my salad tonight. Then ate a ton of bread sticks and pizza. Oh then topped it off with a cookie. This all after my nap. Which sounds like your custard day which by the way sounds scrumptious! Call me up on chocolate custard day and Bryson and I will come visit.

  2. Hi! Nice new blog. 🙂 It looks like we share some things in common. I am just now learning how to run. In fact, I ran my first 5K last November, but have dropped off quite a bit since then. I keep intending on picking it back up, but I’ll admit, my efforts have been spotty- at best.

    It seems like we’re also both married to our best friends, child-free and happy about it. It’s surprising how uncommon that is, isn’t it?

    Anyway, just wanted to say, “Keep up the writing.” I followed you and will look forward to reading more!

    • Hey I am the friend she is writing about. I never thought I would be running. It was thanks to having a good friend to encourage me and “force” me to sign up for a 5K. Once I was committed it was harder to skip out on the running workouts, even though I did more than I should. I just figure I wouldn’t have run at all if it weren’t for being signed up. Also, kid free and I it can be really hard to find couples without kids to hang out with. Good luck to you!

    • i read your post about learning to run. keep it up! how did the 5k go? thanks for the encouragement. look forward to reading more about you too.

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