Temptations While at Work

I work in healthcare.  My office is above the dietary department.  I spend most of my day in and around the kitchen, smelling yummy food and baked goods.  Yesterday I was getting ready to go to lunch with my coworkers and I noticed there was some leftover chocolate custard.  I ate one after my lunch and it was freaking awesome!  Its texture was not like a custard.  There was kind of a crust on top, then almost a heavy souffle on the top half.  The bottom half was custard-like.  A few of my coworkers said they liked the flavor, but didn’t like the texture.  I liked it ALL.  I forgot to mention there was whipped topping on it also.  About an hour later I was craving another one.  I was trying to talk myself out of it, but my coworkers were telling me to go for it.  So I did.  I ate another chocolate custard.  No biggie.  I’ll just run when I get home later.  Just before I got ready to leave for the day, I was talking with my boss (about how good the custard was) and the temptation was too much.  I ate a THIRD custard.  What the hell??  I have to deal with temptations like this almost daily.  It could be cookies, pie or mashed potatoes.  I usually try to have a little self control,  but i must have left it at home yesterday.
I’m happy to report I did not eat any custard today.  I steered clear of the fridge.  I’m sure if I would have seen it, I would have eaten three more.

Oh, and I did not run when I got home from work on the three custard day.  Nor did I run today.  Tomorrow’s another day.


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