Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Here is an older photo of myself and a recent one, both of which I think represent ‘descent‘. I recently have had feelings of ‘descent’, and I am trying my best to come out of it.
I will try to post some more upbeat photos representing the photo challenge this week. Until then, hope you enjoy.

Autumn Walk in the Woods

It was a beautiful fall day today and I was itching to get outside. I know I should have gone for a run instead of taking photos (sometimes I wish I could run with my camera). I grabbed my MP3 player, headphones, camera bag and headed out the door.
I went to my favorite Nature Center to go for a walk and snap some photos. When I got there, there was a sign at the entrance stating the grounds would be closed at 3:00 today so they could prepare for a family friendly haunted woods. I arrived at 2:00, which left me with only an hour to wander. I usually get pretty sucked in when I am taking pictures in the woods, so I decided to leave the headphones in my car.
Listening to the wind blow and the creaking of the branches was so peaceful. Watching as the leaves floated down from the trees like big brown and yellow snowflakes was captivating. I could have stayed out there all day.
I didn’t make the 3:00 deadline, but it was okay. Other people were also leaving as I was finishing up. Next time, I’ll stay out longer. When there is no haunted woods deadline.
Here are some of my favorite shots. Hope you enjoy!

Second Story Secrets

This evening, Bud and I went on a walking tour of several of the buildings located downtown in the city where we live. The Second Story Secrets Tour visited buildings constructed in the 1800s and 1900s, all of which have businesses on street level (restaurants, boutiques, various shops). On this tour, we got to see what was on the second and third floors of these buildings. Some of them were just remodeled offices, or a few apartments people were actually living in (it was strange walking through someone’s home). However, a few were so interesting, in a creepy and decaying way. It made me wonder what all had happened behind those walls over the years. Here are a few photos I snapped. Hope you enjoy.

Hazy Morning Photos

It was beautiful foggy morning here in southwest Ohio. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to take pictures in the fog by about an hour. Better luck next time. Here are a few hazy photos instead. Hope you enjoy.

Not Feeling Myself – Revisited

Several months ago, I wrote about how I had been not feeling myself and struggling with a few things in my life. Recently I have done some reflecting on what others around me are going through/have gone through and I realize I should keep my bitching to a minimum. Some things still frustrate me, but lately I am feeling different, in a good way. I feel inspired, experimental and more open-minded. I do not know if others who know me have noticed this, but I can sense the change; I like it. I am hoping this carries over into other aspects of my life: running and photography. This change in me has already effected my thoughts and ideas about photography. I am hoping this brings new and exciting things my way and to the wonderful people in my life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Man made and natural zigzags. Hope you enjoy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Although I would rather it be Fall, Summer will have to do for now. We have been lucky here in Ohio to have some cooler, less humid days over the past few weeks. Wonderful! Keep them coming.
Hope you enjoy these photos that say Summer Lovin’ to me. Now, please excuse me while I go back to longing for Autumn.